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Foundry Basics

Imagine learning skills which you can take with you throughout your years. Skills that you can apply to any market type. Skills you learn while earning!

We offer quality content learning, trade setups and updates based on hands on training and real trading experience in the crypto space.

At the Crypto Foundry we offer these things to our Exclusive Members:

  • Swing trade opportunities
  • Day trade opportunities
  • Scalping opportunities
  • TA Charts with in-depth analysis (Elliott wave, pattern analysis, proprietary scripts)
  • Support for current positions
  • Support during crucial market pivot points (including one on one support)
  • Accept and encourage charting requests

Our goal is to provide users at the Crypto Foundry with quality data with which to make educated decisions with their portfolio. We wish to bridge the gap between newly arrived traders and successful day traders by reducing the number of common mistakes that are made by beginners. We are a team of 2 traders, that cover many time zones. Our approach is through honesty & transparency. Our methods include boldness when required and caution when mandated.

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